Mubarak Pumping Station

Toshka, Egypt
Pumping Station near Toshka depression
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Hidroelectricidad y Agua

The project provides abstraction of large discharges from Lake Nasser to supply the new South Valley irrigation and urban development near the Toshka depression north west of Abu Simbel. The central feature of the water abstraction system is the Mubarak Pumping Station, which is connected by a 4 km long intake canal with the lake, and discharges up to 334 m3/s into the El Sheikh Zayed canal system.

Cliente Mechanical and Eletrical Department (MED) of the Ministry of Public Works and Water Resources, Cairo
Presencia Toshka Gharb, Nasr, Ägypten
Periodo 1998-2002
Capacidad 288 MW

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