Assiut New Barrage

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The New Barrage in Assiut, 350 km south of Cairo on the Nile River in Egypt, is replacing the previous barrage, which dates from 1902. It included a sluiceway with 8 radial sluice gates, each 17 m wide, two navigation locks, a powerhouse with 4 bulb turbine generator units, each with an installed capacity of 8 MW, a closure dam with a plastic concrete cut-off wall as the main sealing element, and a four-lane road crossing the Nile River.

Cliente Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI), Ministry of Electricity and Energy
Presencia Bani Morr, Markaz El-Fath, Assiut Governorate, Egypt
Periodo 2008 - ongoing
Capacidad 32 MW

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