EPR Taishan – Inner Containment Tightness Test

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During 2016, Unit 1 of EPR Taishan NPP was submitted to an initial Containment Tightness Test intending to demonstrate its capacity to meet the design criteria in terms of resistance and leak tightness under a pressure equal to 6 bars absolute. TRACTEBEL FRANCE along with CEMENTYS company provided support to CNPEC (China Nuclear Power Engineering Company) by assessing the structural behaviour of containment during the test.

The containment instrumentation system is mainly composed by several measurement and data collection devices embedded in the pre-stressed concrete containment and devices located in the annulus at the external surface of the containment.

Deformation on inner containment wall during construction and subsequently will allow evaluating structural behaviour of the containment.

Cliente CNPEC (CGN group)
Presencia Taishan, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China
Periodo 2016

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