Birecik Hydropower Project

Soluciones asociadas
Hidroelectricidad y Agua

 A dam with a total capacity of 672 MW

Cliente Chase Investment Bank Limited, London, England
Presencia Birecik Barajı, Turkey
Periodo 1994 - 2001
Capacidad 672 MW

The Birecik Hydropower Project is located on the Firat (Euphrates) River on the border of Urfa and Gaziantep provinces 90 kilometres downstream of the Ataturk Dam and 30 kilometres north of the Syrian border. Six vertical shaft Francis turbines, each with a capacity of 112 MW, using a gross head of 45 m provide a total capacity of 672 MW. The powerhouse and the spillway are incorporated in the dam. Two 380 kV transmission lines connect Birecik to substations at Ataturk Dam.

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