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To protect the water environment in Kunming (Dian Chi Lake, one of China’s largest fresh-water lakes), and to reuse the reclaimed water, a governmental loan of 10 m EUR and a promotional loan of 50 m EUR were made available for the project within the financial cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and Germany.

Nijiaying wastewater treatment and renovated water plant and PuZhao underground WWTP were equipped with state-of-the-art advanced treatment with MSBR process followed by tertiary treatment consisting of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient removal, cloth-medium filter and UV disinfection. The reclaimed water has been used for irrigation in gardens and public cleaning usage, and for recharge into the Dian Chi Lake.

The consultancy services included training of the Client’s staff in FIDIC contract, risk assessment and recommendation of remedy measures for the PuZhao underground plant, review in rain water retention and treatment concept, as well as in sludge solar drying concept.

Cliente Development and Construction Center of Kunming National Economic and Technological Development Zone (KETDZ), Kunming, China
Presencia Kunming, Yunnan, Chine
Periodo 2009 - 2016
Capacidad 50,000 m³/d

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